Topical Anti-estrogen feasibility


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I am wondering about topical anti-e's. There is a cream version of Nolva under development ( The topic is of particular interest to me as i have a left nipple that is radically more sensitive than the other. I have never even felt a twinge in my right nipple. My left one, on the other hand, is very sensitive.

In that regard, i am wondering about topical application of Anti-Es. While the topic is of general academic interest, i am personally curious due to occasional issues when running 250mg Test E/EW without an anti estrogen behind. Firstly, i am trying to avoid a systemic effect for 2 main reasons: i dont suffer from water retention or any other sides related to high E levels; and ive found even very low dosages of anti-e ruin my libido (e.g. 5mg nolva ED, 0.25mg Adex EOD/E3D). Then there is the whole debate about certain Anti-e's lowering IGF, etc.

Is topical application physiologically a sound idea?
If so, which Anti-e would be best suited to bodybuilding/resistance training purposes?
If topical application is feasible, would topical application of FEMARA/Letrozole have the same breast tissue reducing effect a large dose (2.5mg ED) when taken systemically?
Given that these products do not (yet) exist, what would be the best way to go about making it at home? I.E. what cream/fluid would you mix it with, how would you dose it and what applied dosage might make sense?
What obvious hiccup have i missed?


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First I'd like to mention running Nolva and adex. Nolva is a SERM and attaches to estrogen receptors but gives a no estrogen reading. Nolva is not an anti esteogen/aromatase inhibitor. Adex is an actual aromatase inhibitor/anti estrogen. You could have good estrogen levels but the nolva completes with receptors and causes "low estrogen" symptoms when estrogen is actually fine. We tend to focus on growing tits. it estrogen is involved in brain and bone function. I'm an epileptic. If my estrogen gets to high I have seizures. Some women with epilepsy have seizures during their periods. It reduces a persons "seizure threshold".

This is a very complex question because the skin will only absorb certain things. To have the skin absorb something that usually isnt absorbed takes a very deep understanding of the functioning of skin, what chemical or other substance will attach to and carry with or change how the skin functions to absorb the material.

A nolva cream could be good for gyno effects until an AI reduces estrogen but sensitive areas like nipples, armpits, genitals can have very bad reactions to things.

So far topical testosterone hasn't over taken injected testosterone so I'm not sure it will function the same and give the desired results without it's own complications.

It seems like a very good thing for gyno since it could be site specific. One thing Ibwonder is blood flow and if the nolva would get carried away in actually sink into the deeper breast tissue.

Very interesting!