Its a skin condition.kinda like extreme dry skin... Took prednisone for well but you feel like shit. And get bloated as a bastard...I was curious if the Sustanon (sust) im about to do would help it.
I've suffered from this condition since I was 5 years old. It SUCKS !!!!
I did find that my skin felt and looked better on a moderate dose of test (300-600 mgs/week) Maybe it was due to something else..........anybody have any thoughts on this.

Yes, I realize this is an old thread !!
Natural Eczema Remedies

1.Boiling the bark of the babul tree in water and fomenting the affected areas with its fumes gives relief
2.The seeds of the butea are mixed with lime water and are applied on the affected regions to get the required benefits.
3.Carrot juice and spinach juice in combination is highly beneficial for eczema.
4.Add 1 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon camphor sandalwood paste and apply on the affected areas.
5.For moist or weeping eczema, apply, in neat or cream form, Red clover or Hearteas.
6.Tomato juice is regarded as an effective medicine which clears up the eczema in a matter of days.
7.Applying the juice of the wild almond (Terminalia catapa) on the affected parts provides relief.
8.Both drinking and applying externally over the affected parts, a brew of the peel of banyan tree shows promising results

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