Enanthate and Fina?


-Flesh Eater-
How would you folks run a cycle of just these?

Seems to me this would be a great cycle and be simple and cost effective?
i would say thats a bit high for the first time with fina. i would start with 75mg eod. that may not seem like alot but fina is STRONG.
trust me, start low. tren can be a rollercoaster
LOLOL What are you guys tryin to bite off me or something?!?!?!?!?!?!

haha thats what im on NOW. Exactly that, but with dbol 1-4 30mg ED.
while playing with onepack's spreadsheet I figured out that the best way for the dosages i selected blood hormone levels to stay flat is..

day 1 500 test enanth 75 mg tren
day 2 same
days 2+x 63,5mg test enanth ED + 32,5mg tren ED

in 2 days you go to top levels and from day 2 blood levels are completely flat.
Day 1 and 2 500mg test, 75mg tren
day3 on.. 63.5mg Enan ED + 32.5mg ED Tren
and blood levels are flat

What exactly does perfectly level blood levels do for you?
I dont know , I am just experiementing, on day 3 currently.

r constant blood levels desireble or not?
If your looking for cost effective get some prop powder it goes from $0.50-1.25 a gram.

Unfortunately very few of us have pure powder sources....they arent very common....hell I know i dont have any....Your just special Johnny!
This is my current cycle....I belive Im starting week 7...I lost count!!!!

wk 1-10 400 mg enath
wk 1-6 35mg dbol/day
wk 1-12 100 mg tren/eod

Some people dont reccomend running tren that long, but I use a low dose, and The only side i suffer beside libido is night sweats....thank god for a cieling fan!
Bro if you've used fina before with no sides running it longer shouldn't be a problem. If you do start having problems stop and in a few days it'll be out of your system