EQ/sos 250/suspension cycle


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i was going to run a cycle of these three (all i can come up with) have 20 cc's of each
suspension (50 mg/ml)
EQ (200 mg/ml QV brand)

wanted to front load with suspension 50mg daily for 4-5 weeks, starting EQ and sos around week three going up to 3cc's of each/week midway thru-want to run 10 weeks or so total, should i cut the EQ 2-3 weeks before i'm done and should i restart suspension again before i come off? need help.

hoping to make some solid gains, haven't been on anything like this in awhile
i would run the eq at 600mg a week, for atleast 12 weeks or more! run the sust at 500mg a week and the susp. at frontloaded at 100mg eod for 2 weeks! really dont need to front load considering your running the Sustanon (sust). but anyways!!! should work good!