estrogen blocker


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iv tried armidex from pump and pose and hated it, is there anything else easy to get a out there that works
Aromasin, there is nothing stronger.

On a side note Arimidex is not an "estrogen blocker" its an "aromatase inhibitor" it blocks the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Nolvadex(tamoxifen) would be better categorized as an "estrogen blocker" since it competes with estrogen for receptor sites thus lowering overall estrogenic function.
simpllyhuge said:
can u buy aromasin legally like u can some other liquid products.

Who said liquid stuff was legal? They just aren't Class III substances.
natty said:
Aromasin, there is nothing stronger.

I think lawnsaver told me letrozole was much stronger than aromasin for him. I've never tried aromasin, but I've tried letro and it was much stronger than arimidex.