Ever use Amplify by Release? Expired 8-06, still good?

Chicago Made

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It is still in powder form and it's only 4 months out. I found it my pantry making sure I was out of protein.

Any good at this stage? A good product at all?
Good stuff.... I think its the best tasting protein by far. A little pricey, b/c its sold at GNC. I always wondered about the quality myself, but I had good gains on the stuff. It's cold filtered WPC, should be alright as long as the experation date hasn't passed.
That's the issue, it's expired. By 4 months almost.

But it is still powdery, so I'm guessing another month won't kill it. I just really need my shakes and am FLAT broke right now.
Amplify is decent stuff. It tastes pretty good and mixes alright. As long as it hasnt gotten an moisture to it i would think its still good o use.