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I have been reading this board for a while now, and I am still surprised how people have totally different reactions to the same compounds. Take Tren, for example: on one extreme you have people who can't get it up on Tren, even if they use test along with it. At the other extreme you get people for whom Tren is somethink akin to a super-Viagra. Of course there is always going to be some individual variation, but I am wondering whether there are certain patterns as to what works well for a given individual compared to what does not. In other words, I wonder whether it would be possible to predict what compounds are going to work for you based on what else does or does not work. For example, I love the results I get from Winstrol (winny), whereas my test-only cycles have not been as good. Given that information, are there certain compounds that are likely going to work better than others? So, for those people who have tried a bunch of different things, please post a list of things that work well, and a list of things that don't work well for you. If enough people respond, maybe there will be a pattern.

I will go first.

Stuff that works well:
- Winny
- Test/Winny
- Femara
- Proviron

Stuff that did I didn't like/that didn't work:
- Tren (actually worked pretty well, but Winstrol (winny) gave me even better results with fewer sides)
- Aromasin (total crap compared to femara)
- Insulin (just made me fat)
- Viagra, Cialis, Yohimbine HCl (none of these ever did anything for me)
We all react differently to different kinds of gear. Just b/c something works well for one person does not mean that it will work well for anyone else. I dont like tren either. Winstrol gives me much better results. You just have to learn your body.
Every single compound I have ever used has worked well for me. The only difference between them is the sides. Once I determined what gave me sides I did not want and what gave me negligible sides, that is how I have determined what is for me and what isnt.

From that I will say that I will never try Suspension again, gave me a severe gyno scare. Will never use Sust as my body does not seem to like Prop. My injection sites got so sore it was not even worth the gains. Cant think of any other negatives for a specific compound. Other then those I have had a great experiences with everything else I have tried. But let me just add that both those drugs ended up netting me some great gains but I could just do without the negative aspects of both.
My top three are;


In no particular order. I also only have used anavar twice cuase the shit is too expensive.
BiggieSwolls said:
Every single compound I have ever used has worked well for me. The only difference between them is the sides.

It's interesting that you say that. I have always suspected that the total dose you take is more important than the type of gear you use. The one exception may be anavar, which seems to work quite well at doses far below what is required with virtually any other compound.