Experiences through 7 weeks of first cycle (long)


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Hey everybody,

I thought relating my experiences would be a good way of giving back to this board that has helped me so much while bringing any potential dangers that I haven't caught to light. What I initially did was start with a week and a half of

500mg test e per week
100mg primo per week
25 mg dbol per day

This was recommended to me by a long time bodybuilder so I trusted him despite what I had read online. I stopped after 1.5 weeks when I developed sensitivity in my nipples and I restarted about 2 weeks later when I was able to order and start taking AI's.

Since then, I have been doing 500 mg of test e per week, doing a 250 mg shot Monday and Thursday. I also do .5 mg of arimidex EOD. My test bottles werent labeled with volume so I'm estimating that I have 9 shots left in my last remaining bottle, good to take this cycle to 11.5 weeks.

My gains on the scale have been low, 2-3 pounds. I attribute this to 2 main reasons. The first being that I attempted to do a lean bulk, and I am just not a big enough eater to pull it off. I simply could not eat 4000+ calories of sweet potatoes, rice, chicken breasts, and egg whites. I have completed one very successful, natural, 8 month bulking phase in my life of 43 pounds and I would estimate about half was muscle. During that time I ate everything. My strategy will be to return to a diet where anything and everything is on the menu twice.

The second reason was that I have had a nagging arm injury that has taken about 2 weeks of training away from me. It feels much better now.

I have gotten stronger, perceptibly. And while my gains on the scale have been minimal, my body does look different. Before I started my abs were pretty much invisible but now you can see definite outlines in my stomach. My muscles seem a bit "fuller". I can go longer at the gym as well.

As far as sides, I experienced testicular atrophy around week 4 and honestly I enjoy it haha. I havent been able to sleep comfortably on my side without a pillow between my legs for years because of how it crushed my testicles but I was able to sleep on my side without any help the other night. Things are a bit more comfortable. I have had an increase in acne on my back, shoulders, arms, and chest. Fortunately my face has been largely untouched. I am a hypochondriac, but I could swear I've had light pains on the left side of my chest. However, one day when the pain was particularly noticeable I reached back and had a muscle spasm directly where it hurt so I'd say the cause of the pain is likely muscular and not my heart. Hopefully unrelated, my left carotid artery is also visible now which makes me look a bit more "badass"

The one side effect which I would say is most prevalent but I have not read about anywhere is soreness, extreme soreness. When I get a good workout in, I am stiff the next day to the point where I can barely move. Every good workout feels like the first workout in months the next day. Perhaps someone can share why this is?

I have been pinning my glutes and quads but am still dissatisfied with my procedure. With glutes, I have a lack of flexibility twisting back so once I pin the needle moves quite a bit and I experience a lot of pain. Quads are very comfortable to pin. However, no matter which site I choose I get large, swollen reactions about 1-2 days later that subside around day 3-4. These reactions have been large enough to impede my walking and prevent me from doing serious leg work when they are bad. I'd like to start experimenting with ventrogluteal injections and perhaps slinpins (spelling?) as well but thus far I have found very little online instruction for self locating a VG injection site.

I have had anger problems very early in the cycle, but I attribute those as much to a stressful schedule as to AAS. Now that the holidays are over and Ive had some time to rest and recover anger hasn't been an issue.

I've never really paid attention to my nipples before so I can't say if this is a new occurrence, but I have noticed that sometimes my nipples will look swollen like they are full of liquid and then go back to being very small within a short amount of time, sometimes 30 seconds. I always had itchiness in the area and still do now, but I dont really have any sensitivity so I'm not very worried about gyno. I constantly check for lumps but there is nothing behind either nipple. I'd obviously like to avoid gyno, but I am prepared both mentally and financially if I develop it and need to have it surgically removed. I am using dex and I also have letro on hand. At the advice of this board, I am switching to aromasin during my post cycle therapy (pct).

I scare myself a lot thinking about the downsides of AAS. I know one person that died in his 40's from heart failure after years of usage and there is a bodybuilding.com profile of a man who died at my age from what his friends described on his wall as a combo of roids, coke, and clen. Its especially scary to me because his physique is exactly what I'm trying to obtain.

However, I remind myself of not only how badly I want a better life but how much I truly believe in what AAS represents. I'm proud to be embracing modern technology. I've always believed that had I been born in an earlier time I would have died young due to a number of ailments and weaknesses. Instead I get to live in an age where our understanding of the human body allows us to manipulate it. I used to have such horrible vision that I would have trouble reading words on big screen televisions in the same room. Now 3 months removed from eye surgery I have 20/15 vision. I was born a very slight child and I want my body to have the same transformation that my eyes have already had. Steroids scare the hell out of me, but I'd say that give me a healthy respect for them.

I have my post cycle therapy (pct) drugs on hand, I just received my order of drawing and pinning needles, and I received HCG. Im currently doing research to see if it would be worth it to begin taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) during the rest of my cycle.

If I can find a source I can trust, I'd like to continue taking the juice safely in the future. Based on what I've read and what I've already obtained, I think I'll add dbols and EQ to my next cycle. I think that I'll also consider HGH in addition to whatever this board recommends.

Thanks for sticking with me and hopefully this was of some use to someone.