fina in contest prep:drop or not?


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looking far in to the future, next year when i plan to do my first show, i was wondering about what to use.

will use test as normal and tren too, but some people say they drop the tren 3 days out, what do you guys think?

never noticed any bloat or anything on tren, so why would you drop it? if i did i would probobly run Winstrol (winny) for that week at about 40-50mg a day (the test prop would have been dropped one week out)

also, what do you guys think about running your cycle a week or two past the contest to minimize fat gain from binging?


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You might want to drop it just because maybee it might help you drop some more water, but I really dont think its of any importance.

And you should run at least a short cycle after your contest I Think. After you diet for so long you can make really huge gains of a cycle.