fina/sustanon/anapolan cycle...


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hey everybody..

just finished the first 6 weeks of my 16 weeker.

primo 400mg / deca 400mg / proviron 50mg

gonna now switch compounds to:

susta 500mg / anapolan 50mg a day / fina 100mg eod

what do you think?
Sorry I can't give any info on your cycle, but I am interested in your Primo/Deca/Proviron trio. How are your gains so far on that portion of your cycle? With primo in the cycle, has there been any lean mass gains at all? Also, did this trio have any adverse effect on your limbido, as common with deca?
satch, only a guy like you could afford a cycle like that. Usuaully the cycles are switched the other way around, with the primo ono the end.

why dont you do it and tell us all how it worked?