first comp???


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I am doing my first comp in the next 20 weeks and i wanna start my diet 12 weeks out.Im new to this so i need sme help on a good contest diet thatll work for me,also how much cardio to do ect..... .I am 5'10 215lbs around 13%bf or so.
I am also running a cycle like this.

1-8 75mgd fina ed
1-8 50mgs prop ed
1-8 50mgs Winstrol (winny) ed(oral)

maybe thinkin of runnin t-3/clen but not sure yet.Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
What are you trying to come in at...for the comp? What weight class? RU going to run that cycle for 12 weeks or how are you going to run it?
Good luck, you were the same weight when I started to diet.
Can you possibly just give us a run-down on your daily food intake now and we'll make some adjustments for u? It's far too difficult to say which form of dieting will work for u in terms of competition diets because everyone reacts differently. So, a little more information would be helpful. Thanks.;)