First cycle...advice please, sustanon


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I am 21 and have been training hard since i was 16....i had a personal trainer that kicked my ass! anyways i am coming off an injuruy of about 6 months and i am going to take about 8 weeks to gain most of my natural strength back before i start my first cycle. My cousin did this cycle for his first and said that it was the one that worked best for him all throughout what he has tried. It is sustanon250 injections every 5 days...he went through 10 vails but i am thinking i will bump it up to 12 so that comes out to be about 9 weeks. i plan on taking armidex at .25m/day probably starting after about the first 10 days or so, i will continue the armidex for 3 weeks after my last injection. For my post cycle therapy (pct) i was thinking Nolvadex at 20MG/day for 4 weeks starting 3 weeks after last injection, as well has HCG 500iu/day for 10 days straight after i reach the week 3 mark after the last inject.
I really am scared of losing my gains after i conclude the cycle so i think i will run IGF-1 for 6 weeks to try and keep as much as i possibly can and maybe even try to gain a little more!
As i said this is my first cycle and i would like as much input and as many opinions as i can possibly get!!
Please don't do it this way.

Most people have great results from their first cycle in spite of themselves, not because the gear was great.

Sust really should be run every other day...certainly not every 5 days.

Let me back up a minute and ask that you not run a cycle just yet. You are going to make gains from muscle need for gear at this point. BTW, what are your stats?

At least you have done some research and are getting an idea about your post cycle therapy (pct) and your anti-es. Props to you for that.
If you must run a cycle at this point, you will make great gains and (likely) have far less sides from running test enanthate 250mg every Monday morning and every Thursday evening. It will be cheaper than the Sustanon (sust) and yield at least the same results with less sides.

As for the idea of waiting to run the arimidex, I typically start running my anti-es that same time as my gear. many people start running them before their cycle. It depends on the anti-e you are using as to which suits your specific situation.

I wouldn't worry about running the hcg like that so far after. Run 300iu of it for 10 days...starting a week or so after your last test e injection. Run 50mg of nolva alongside it, then drop back to 20mg for two weeks or so.

No need to worry about the igf unless you just feel you have to run it.

Funny I hit this thread tonight. Today, I was speaking with IronAddict on the phone and we discussed people losing gains after cycle. Both of us have seen it in our own experience and as well in others. Much of the losses come from your mental state, not your physical state. Continue to eat like you did on cycle...get your ass in the gym. Don't convince yourself that you are going to lose gains and you won't. If you convince yourself that you will lose gains...your mind will find a way to make your body lose.

Hey, this is just my personal opinion. It's based on my personal experience and what I have witnessed in others. You are certain to get additional opinions that differ from mine. You decide what parts you believe and what parts you don't. I am glad to see you looking into this and getting the info before you start.

Best of luck.
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thanks for the reply, i will research what you have told me and i realize this is your opinion and also would like to say that i would like to get as many opinions as possible, thanks again
I had a shoulder injury myself and was out of the game for 1.5 year. The first time i went back to the gym I felt like an amateur. Its rather depressing to see how you'll perform after such a long time off, but you'd be surprised to see how fast you get back to your old shape!

Train at least 6 months natural again and then consider a cycle.
Yeah, having suffered from numerous sports and work related injuries, the best advice I can offer: run your cycle (although test e is probably a better 1st cycle component), but do so only after spending another 3-6 months training natural; and only after you can fully monitor your cousin's results 2 or so months after his cycle is over. The point is, there's no rush - even though you may feel there is.
yeah i know i need to train a little natural before the cycle but it is for a sport so i feel i almost need it at this time...pretty much im set on doing it, thanks for the input....keep it comin
It's for a sport. I understand, also having been there. In the end, I focused more on the sport; and now, at my age, I suffer from these past excesses. I'd rather be an average performer in a sport at a young age than popping Aleve at a middle age.
Im sorry i havent been on here latley and jsut reread the first response..Im 6' 2 and about 225-230...but i have weighed 245 at the peak of training and held it for quite sometime, thanks for the input guys
alright, as i said i am coming off an injury and after reading more and more about test bringing down my collagen levels I have been researching and it seems that EQ would be the thing to help this problem. My question is does anybody know if i can take a low dosage of EQ along with the test to try and combat this problem? If so, has anybody tried this and is there any certain doseage that i will need to take for the collagen increase to come into place? If you play the number game there is an increase of collagen from EQ up in the 300% range and the decrease from test is around 50%...i know the number game doesn't always work the way it should but I hope it would work in my favor this time! Also does anybody think this could hinder my gains at all? I might be looking into this way too much and should probably just go with the test but its worth a shot to see if anybody else has any input i guess?