First cycle be easy on me


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Guys going to start my first cycle Sust 500mg PW weeks 1-8
Deca 400mg PW weeks 1-8,after cycle 300mg day 1, 100mg for 10 days and then 50mg for 10 days of clomid.Cutting cycle yet determined.Should I change anything?My stats are 5'9 165 bf% is 15.Been training for 4 years ,age29
if first cycle I would use a single test so that if ya get alot of sides you can figure out whats up,sust has four, maybe prop/tren for 10 weeks
That is not a very good first cycle IMO. You are planning on doing two different compounds, and you do not know how you are going to react to either of them. Let's just suppose you start to develop gyno symptoms about 4 weeks in........what compound is causing the problem, you won't know. Is it estrogen or progesterone related, and what are you going to take to remedy the situation ? Now you've got a problem !!

The same thing can be said about any other sides as well; water retention, blood pressure.....with two compounds, you just don't know which one is causing the side......

Conversly in the positive aspects of your will not know which compounds you responded well to, something very benificial for planning future cycles !!

I always suggest that for a first cycle, you just do one compound, preferably Test.....learn how you react to that, then in your second cycle, stack in Deca or EQ with the Test, learn how you react to either of those, then maybe your third cycle, throw in some d-bol.

I would recommend you do a cycle like this;
Test Enanthate @ 500 mg/week for 8-10 weeks, followed with post cycle therapy (pct) two weeks after your last injection.........a classic "KISS" cycle.........keep it simple stupid.....LOL !!
Agree with SC, a great first cycle is test alone, with proper training and nutrition you can blow up, I kept 22lbs off my first one. I prefer to add dbol for the first few weeks for the immediate kick though