First cycle help! Body recomp.


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Hello everyone! This is my first post, and I will be starting my first cycle!

My background is that I am training for about 15 or 16 years, I am now 32. Up till the age of 22 or so I was tiny. I weighed 56 kg. I was relatively strong for that weight, and I competed in boxing, but the tiny size definitely affected my confidence. I went on a fairly extreme bulk whereby I basically mainlined mass gainers and had fast food for dinner most days. I put on a significant amount of weight, but a lot was fat. Since then I've battled with my body fat percentage. To get lean, I have attempted to cut, but by the time abs would start showing, I'd be heading towards 60kg, which gave me confidence issues again, and saw me losing a good amount of strength. I tried bulking, which made me much stronger, but I started to look awful. So right now I've found a medium between the two extremes where I am not terribly light, not terribly heavy, and can lift weights which I am happy enough with. But, I still have a higher body fat percentage than I would be happy with. I'd say I'm around 18 - 20%. I carry most of this weight on my stomach and chest, which is obviously embarrassing. My legs, arms and back are actually pretty okay.

I have tried slow cuts and slow bulks, fast cuts and fast bulks, steady recomposition with maintainence calories, upping cardio, lowering cardio, everything. Probably what works best for me is steady recomposition at maintainence, so that is what I am doing at present.

This is where the steroids come in. I am seeking to give myself a little boost with this process, and also a little boost in strength and athletic performance. I am looking to start a test e only cycle to assist body recomp with maintainence calories, and to hopefully boost my gym work.

I am going to keep my cycle conservative. I am looking to use 300mg per week test e, split across two injections, for a 10 week period. I will have arimidex for an AI, and PCT will be Clomid and nolva. Someone gave me a strip of letro before, which I don't plan on using, but I will have it to hand in case I need the nuclear option!

I was just hoping some of you guys might be able to tell me if my research has been sound, or whether I need to consider anything else. I will go with test e 300mg/ wk for weeks 1 - 10, then follow with a PCT two weeks later of Clomid (75/ 50/ 50/ 50) and Nolva (40/ 40/ 20/ 20). Are these dosages suitable?

I do have a question in relation to the AI. I saw advice elsewhere to have the AI to hand, but not to use it unless required. But then I saw conflicting advice that if one has a higher body fat percentage, they should take it every other day throughout the cycle. Which should I go with? I would be using arimidex at 0.25mg eod.

Thank you for your help!


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300mgs of test a week is on the low side. 500mgs of test would be the strong recommended dose per week. As far as proper ai dose goes, you would need bloodwork to dial in your dose. There isn't a mathematical equation for that. Yes it is true that higher body fat will aromatize more so most likely an ai will be needed...


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Agree with tbone. Go with 500 a week.

Don't limit the cycle to 10 weeks- you won't be satisfied with the results. I recommend 16 weeks. The test won't even kick in fully until week 6 or so.

Run hcg @ 250 iu 2x/wk. this will help ensure your pct works as well as possible. Will also keep your grapes from turning to raisins.

I'd run Adex at .25 eod and get mid cycle bloodwork to see where your estradiol is and adjust from there.

Definitely run more than 10 weeks.


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Welcome to Ology friend!!
It looks like you have done your homework, so thats refreshing to see.
I t sound like you know your body pretty well too. You will find solid members with strong advise here.
Good Luck!!


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300 mg a week will be good enough to get your feet wet. I only did 250 a week when I did my first test cycle. I was to young though. But I remember like it was yesterday I was happy as a mofo because it was the first time I got strong enough to use the 100 pound dumb bells for shoulder presses. You can always increase down the road when you run another cycle.