first cycle, test only


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ive posted several questions in past about diffentent varitions of cycles ive thought about taking, but this will be my first REAL cycle(took a 3 week cycle once of prop, just to get accustomed to how to rotate site injections and know teh feeling of test on my body)

i will be doing TEST ONLY cycle, probably CYP, because i can get a little cheaper than ENAN, and from what Ive read, thers not much differnece. right? I am prepared for post cycle therapy (pct) with nolva and clomid

my stats, when i do this cycle,(dotn tell me to to wait and do more natural training, ive heard it before, and ive gained naturally from 150 lbs, i know im ready) Ive quit drinking and smoking completly now as well

im 6ft, 175 lbs(170 now, but waitng till i hit 175, porbably in a month or so)
BF around 6-7%

when i inject, how many MG should i do weekly, and how many time a week should i inject? does this look right?

MON and WED and FRI, injecting at 200mg/ml each day.
for a total of 600mg a week.
is that a good amount for a starter? or should lower/increase the test amount?
is that a good way to inject through out the week?
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What is the strength of your gear? ie. 250mg. If it is, then I'd take 2 shots per week to total 500mg.


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With cyp you can just hit it twice a week, less hastle. Anything around 500mg/w is a good place to start. Excellent gain potential and little to no sides for most.

Actually I must say these are some damn basic questions to be asking, youve been here for a while man you know the drill.


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so just inject twice a week for cyp/enan would be fine? like MON and THURS?

thats good. less injections the better. i wastn sure if 500mg or less would be enough
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another question..i notice difernet brands..some 250mg/ml, others are at 250mg/2ml

does it make a difference? does one cause more soreness, or is either easier for injection?


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250 mg/ml is the standard. Yes higher concentrations of gear can be more painful. Like for example test 375. But this is not always the case.