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Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever post on the forums and log. I am going to do my best to break down my stats, supps, workouts, etc. ; unfortunately I do not have easy access to a cpu so the log will not be updated very consistently and i may water down the posts to just the essentials. I look forward to hearing all input yous have regarding my cycle's layout. This is my first time running a ph. I am 21 years old weigh 180 and 5' 11" tall (will post pictures before starting cycle). Don't know my body fat but it can't be high since i have abs and for the most part am a lean dude. Ive been lifting consistently for roughly 4 years now. Let it be said I've done extensive research and used google like a madman before committing to this cycle. I am trying to run this cycle as safely and effectively as possible. I have several minor questions which ill include at the end of this post. I will not be starting the cycle for several weeks so that gives me time to add all stats, confirm the layout, and add pics before I begin.

ProteX Cycle Assist and Liver Protection by Vital Labs
Halocor by Pharmatec
Post Cycle 3X by Vital Labs
DAA Max by Vital Labs

weeks 1-2 Precycle: cycle assist
weeks 3-8 Throughout cycle: Cycle assist and Halocor (50/75/75/75/75/75)
weeks 9 post cycle: cycle assist, pct, nolva (20/20/10/10), DAA

every day i take fish oil, glutamine, multi, beast creature creatine (blue container)
occasionally ill take a pre workout or drink some green tea to get a boost

Q. I purchased the DAA to make damn sure my natural test is up to par. How should i go about dosing that?
Q. All in all how does this layout look you guys?
Q. Should i take the creatine only pct? I read that it isn't necessary during cycle but good post.

This section i am not going to get too detailed about tonight but will certainly add to it in the coming days. also i should note that my workout style is pretty typical but i slightly alternate sometimes. I primarily do each exercise as 1 warm up set of about 15 reps then do 3 sets progressively heavier rep range from 6-12. I mix in different exercises weekly so i will just list my most common workouts so don't take them as concrete. I should also note that my rest day moves around depending on work schedule so each week can be a little different workout schedule wise.

Mon: Chest/Tri -
flat bench
db incline (alternate weekly to incline barbell and db flat)
pec dec flies
tri pulldowns
weighted dips

Tues: Back/Bi-
deadlift (guilty for occasionally substituting in tbar rows if legs are sore)
lat pulldowns
cable seated rows
barbell curls
dumbbell curls
bent over rows (sometimes use the machine instead)

Wed:usually rest day

Seated Barbell Press
rear delt dumbbell flies
dumbbell seated press
(sometimes i throw in a behind the neck press with the curling bars)
Shrugs (sometimes done on back day instead)
front raises with curling bars
single arm cable shoulders (no clue the legit name of the workout but basically work one shoulder at a time hinging the shoulders)

Squats (ass to grass)
any calf workout
leg curls superset w leg extensions
leg press
(sometimes throw in lunges w dumbbells)
(occasionally do hyper extensions to hit lower back since i don't hit it hard on back day)

Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: one of two things happens on my Sunday
1. I start my week over as if sunday was monday (chest/tri day is done sunday and every other day moves up one)
2. I hit arms (or maybe a body part i feel needs extra work) either saturday or sunday and then take the other day off and start week normally on monday.

in case you're wondering i do the ab ripperx workout at my house once i get home from the gym usually 2 times a week. I think once i start the cycle ill change this up to doing about 2 ab exercises at the gym towards the end of that day's workout. leg raises and crunches will probably be my go to workouts.

I haven't maxed out lately and the last thing I would do is supply false info to you guys. Perhaps next week i will max out in the big lifts to see where I'm at before starting the cycle. so what i know is:
typical Flat Bench range:
205 for 2 reps after already performing 3 sets (my guess is 225 1 rep max fresh)

i actually deadlifted today so what i did was:
warm up 135
225 for 10
245 for 8
265 for 6
(did this without my straps so I'm confident i can get more)

I havent squatted heavily in over a month so all i know for sure right now is i can get 225. Last time i did i just comfortably stayed around 185 for more reps. Im going to go heavy on the squat this friday so we'll see where I'm at.

I have been eating at a caloric surplus for about a month now to start putting weight on now that summer has passed. I once tried to gain weight by eating anything and everything (primarily junk food) and the result wasn't pretty. I lost sight of my abs (as expected for any bulk) but didn't gain the muscle i should have. I learned you need to count calories and track macros in order to gain weight the right way. I am currently going by the Frank McGrath Eating Big on a Budget. I LOVE me some beef so McGrath's vid taught me how to set up a bunch of pasta and beef meals really cheap. I also eat tuna, chicken, frozen veggies, protein shakes, rice rice and more rice, eggs, oatmeal, greek yogurt and casein protein before bed, bagels, bananas, milk and some other goodies. I just wanted to give the basic foods i consume on a day.

Daily Intake: (55:20:25 ratio of carbs:fatroteins)
Calories 3300
Fat 73g
Carbs 454g
Protein 206g

Im planning on continuing this through the cycle it seems like a clean bulk for me considering how I know my body reacts to food. I have never designed a meal plan for a cycle before so any suggestions are appreciated.

I have read posts of people claiming to have kept 15 lbs of muscle for hdrol. The idea of adding 15 lbs sounds like a lot but if its possible ill take it. My personal mindset is 10 lbs would be great considering its my first cycle i think it is doable. I'm not going to cry about a little fat if it is gained but i truly think with my occasional cardio and relatively clean bulk that i can keep the fat off and maybe lose a lb or two of it whilst gaining lean muscle mass. As for strength gains I'm not getting specific other than just looking to get my bench, squat and deadlift up. I LOVE benching and the feeling of pumping out 225 would be amazing so i most anticipate increasing that.

So thats the gist of if it guys. Hope i sound like I'm headed in the right direction and look forward to all input. Most importantly i look forward to making gainnzzz.