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Hey Guys and Girls,
Im after some advice on my first steroid cycle, ill start with some background info and stats...
29yr old Male, 6ft2inches tall, 13% body fat, 45% muscle, 88kg
I had a bad accident a while back, broke a heap of bones, was out of action for close to a year and stacked on a heap of dirty fat, maxed out at 111kg
I had a brain explosion a few months ago and was fed up with being out of shape and feeling like shit all the time, I drastically changed my diet with a focus on ethically sourced, organic high protein high fat and loads of vegetables and salads, I also quit sugar
I started working out 6days a week a mix of weight training and HIIT, I lost fat fast and have never felt better, I have reintroduced sugar in the form of fruits and the rare occasional naughty sugar treat, I never drink soft drink anymore (soda, pop) and I dont eat shitty fast foods either
Now ive decided to do a cycle of steroids to kick start my lean muscle gains, Ive changed my training routine to 4days a week of purely weight training and without 3days rest its pretty hard to sustain, ive seen a strength and balance trainer to ensure my form and technique is correct and he suggested 4days week training is plenty due to the intensity of my current routine
So after some research here is my planned first cycle, any input or advice on this cycle would be greatly appreciated from someone with experience with anabolic steroids, positive or negative Id like to hear it all, My goal is to gain maybe 10-15kg of lean muscle and shred a little more fat, I dont want to get huge huge as I do a lot of motocross, road bike racing and sports where I need lots of mobility (snowboarding etc) thanks in advance, if any more info is required let me know, cheers heres the planned cycle
Testosterone Propionate 150mg/every other day-----Week 1-12
Trenbolone acetate 100mg/every other day--------Week 7-12
Anavar 50mg/day----------Week 7-12
Dianabol 50mg/day----------Week 1-6
Arimidex 1mg/every other day----------Week 1-12

Nolvadex 40mg/day------Week 13-14
Clomid:100mg/day--------Week 13-14
Clomid 50mg/day---------week 15

Wow so much to learn. Way to many compounds for first cycle. Comment on wanting to gain 10-15kg of lean muscle...what? Never happen

So much wrong here but sadly I'm off the doctor so my buddies will comment. Main reason for my comment is to tell you to stick around and listen.

Good luck

Where did you come up with this cycle? It's far too advanced for a first timer.

There are loads of Stickies at the top of the forum. Read them.
Looks like that cycle is copy pasta from ********** lol

Tren is the last thing you want to use for mobility and endurance sports. Causes lots of inflammation which negatively affects breathing.
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