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I know it looks phat as hell when on stage and you can hit a split back double biceps. How would i work into doing a split, my legs are fairly big and i dont wanna induce stretch marks as i have already started to do when tryin to split.
Try the one where you sit flat on the ground with your legs spread out in front of you. Go down to the right and hold for 10 sec, then left for 10 sec, then middle for 10 sec. Do that 4x/week. That should really help loosen up your hams and hips.
That particular stretch is a great stretch. The type of stretching that you are looking for is called Developmental Stretching. Developmental stretching aims to improve your current level of flexibility. A developmental stretch is performed by increasing the stretch by a fraction until you feel the mild tension in the muscle again. Hold this position and when the tension eases repeat again. If the stretch becomes to painful,you have gone too far. You should be stretching with control and without bouncing. Bear in mind that a developmental stretch should be held for 20 seconds, to the point of tension(not pain), then you should relax into the stretch and aim to hold it for another 20 seconds. Remember to always breathe throughout your stretch and don't attempt to hold your breath at anytime.
that's really all you need to do, just stretch stretch stretch. Eventually you'll be able to get lower and lower and lower and maybe after a while you'll finally get it.