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Does any else here keep track of the food they eat? I am trying to cut for the summer and I always find it so hard to keep on track...UNTIL NOW! Lately I have been using to calculate all my nutrition info. This site rocks! I have been using it for 2 weeks now, and I can swear I am already seeing results in my physique. Without this site I would not have the slightest clue what I am doing nutritionally. If you guys haven't checked it out yet, GO NOW!
I always track my food, bulking or dieting, even from fast food places. I eat clena most of the time. I guesstimate at steak houses from typical cals in 8oz of sirloin etc. I am even so anal as to weigh out my meat before cooking. I know a few others do this. I feel kinda corny, but oh well.
i have been weighing each meal except on sundays. thats get out of my way cause i am going to eat everything not nailed down day. lol