Friend on Deca?


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Not really an important question, just more curious than anything. If hes roughly 5'8 180lbs 21yrs old and 8%bf, how much can he expect to gain with proper diet and training?
Oh yea lol, oops poorly written thread. 350mg/wk, 10 weeks. I KNOW its a bad idea thats why i was curious.
honestly, I dont think he would accomplish much on that dosage other than shutting down his natural test for awhile. Why not do that dosage of test? He'd like the results alot better
Haha he already started. I told him do test, he wanted deca. Funny thing is, an experienced guy at my gym, who is known on Elite told him to lol. How much u think he can gain and how much of that do you think he can keep?
Actually 350 mg/week of Deca at his body weight is not a bad cycle, as far as a Deca only cycle goes. (2 mg/lb of bw)

But , how much he will gain, well that's the every elusive question, dependant on diet & training, that I can't answer, but with a proper post cycle he should keep all of his gains,
I did a 6 week deca only cycle at 200mg/week and gained 10lbs and kept it all. EAT EAT EAT
Deca only works well bro...especially at that dosage 350mg...He will see a good solid difference. The gains will depend on his diet and training, etc...
at that low a bf%,, i would take a wild guess and say he would gain between 8 and 12 lbs... oh yeah and u should tell him to get the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) ready "now".