Fuck!!!!!....my nips are killing me.....


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Just started last week.....1000 Sus, 600 EQ, 600 Deca.... 1 mg liquidex ED, 2.5 bromo ED. and just started 40 mg Nolva a couple of days ago.....hopefully it's the Deca which I'm stopping and did my last shot Sat morn......This fuckin' sucks!!!!!!

the sensitivity/ pain started a few days ago, Thurs maybe.....started my cycle last Sat....was always on 1 mg Liquidex (PnP) and the bromo....started the Nolva on Tues even with no problems just cause I'm paranoid.....uped the nolva when I noticed the sensitivity.....
take the nolv till it stops, then wait and start again. however if your really paranoid, then take it for the rest of the cycle.
i had that problem a few weeks ago have the problem under control ran the nolva at 40 ed and my nugget is gone. as far as the fina try picking up some OTC vitex at a local vitamin store.
heres a great party trick,
when they really hurt, squeeze ur nipple hard, and u lactate a bit.
chics dig it:D
Billy_Bathgate said:
IMO you need at least 2mg Ari for 1000mg test. I would say that is your problem.

2mg of arimidex? That is a little excessive don't you think? I would think that would be only if you are very gyno prone. I am running only 1.25 mg of letrozole eod and i am running 1200mg of test with no bloat or gyno in week 7, however I am not gyno prone.
HAHAHA! I have the same thread about sore nips in the porn forum!! LOL!!!