Gear and Arthritis


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Gear and Joint Problems

I am hoping for some input from you bros.

I am 39 years old and have had minor arthritis for the past few years. It is worst in the morning. Mostly stiffness not much pain. I have done 3 cycles in the past 1 1/2 years and in the past few months it has gotten much worse. Stiffness and some pain in the hips and back especially. Not just in the morning, but anytime I sit still for more than 15 min or so.

I initally attributed this to the fact that I was lifting heavy weight and perhaps my joints were not designed for it. So I have backed off on the weight a bit.

QUESTION : can the AS itself contribute to the arthritis ? or is it most likley the joint strain due to the lifting itself ?

PS: my first 2 cycles contained DECA which improved the joints, perhaps masking the damage I was doing.
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I think we need to know what your cycle consists of to know if what you are taking is effecting your joints in any way
I know that Deca is good for the joints and Winstrol (winny) is hard. I have a much larger question then that though.

Can the chemical structure of some gear contibute to arthritis problems ? or joint problems in general. Most of us know that Deca lubes the joints. It may not be doing you a favor if it masks underlying problems.

Ok here are my 3 cycles starting from last March.

Cycle 1 Week 1-10 Cyp & Deca 300mg each

Cycle 2 Week 1-4 30 mg Ttokyo Dbol,
Week 1-10 600 Cyp
400 Deca ( BIG HPTA PROBLEMS ) ok now

Cycle 3 Week 1-8 Test Prop 350mg week

A friend of mine that is in the medical field said that Gear can crystilize bone matter and cause joint problems. I thought that this was typical Anti-Steroid hysteria but now I am not so sure.