getting rid of my gut

This is an extremely basic question. You should know the basic rules of cutting and bulking. If you know this, then you can ask better detailed questions. Do some reasearch man.

Yes the board is for learning, but you should at least have some basice common knowledge about bodybuilding/powerlifting before posting.

Man, just eat the right ammounts of pro/carb/fat for your goal.
Weight train to keep your strength, and do enough cardio to lose fat but not muscle. Also get your sleep. This is very basic, but is not all.
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You Can Just Do The Normal Crunches...empty Stomach Like Danchubbz Said...and Get Thatsix Pack..good Luck Bro
take lots of DNP and just sit on your couch.

no but and cardio...and out of those two i think diet more than the latter. i myself do decent cardio but i find when i dont eat right, its pretty much pointless.
keep it basic bro.....1.5 grams pro per lb bw, no carbs after 4, last food meal @ 7, low fat, lots of water, cardio in AM on emtpy stomach, etc......and heavy, basic compound movements during your weight training.