GH or postcontest localized water retention?


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I am about 6 weeks post contest and have gained about 40 lbs (now an all time high of 225) but I have SEVERE swelling in my hands and feet. It is painful and I am getting pins and needles in them all the time. This SUCKS! I am also doing 2 IU/d Jintropin -

What the hell is causing this water retention? The weight gain? The GH? What can I do to get rid of it?

Definitely could be the GH but as you stated you are only using 2IU per day which isnt too crazy. Id say some of it has to do with the rapid weight gain as well.

Im sure Buffdoc will have some opinions on this when he gets online.
Did this just happen at 6 weeks post contest? If it were 1 - 2 weeks after, I would say it's taking in too much sodium after being dehydrated and low sodium for the show.
My whole body was holding water for a few weeks after the show, but it went away. Now it's just my hands and feet. It actually starts in my forearms and calves.
Not enough info. How long have you been taking GH? Did you use it before the show? What other drugs are you using. Did you use diuretics pre-contest? EPO?
I started the GH immediately after the show so it's hard to tell what is causing the water retention. I used Dyazide for the show but only 1 tab. I'm also doing slin right now 10IU post-workout (~4-5 days/wk).

This is my first time with both slin and GH. I was thinking of dropping the dose of GH to 1 IU/d but I'm only doing 2 now so that is already pretty low.

If the use of GH is the only thing new since the show, you got to suspect the GH. Some folks just don't tolerate exoGH very well. What brand are you using?

Also - do you think that localized swelling like this is in any way related to a predisposition to develop acromegaly?