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As per rollercoaster's suggestion, I am also posting this here as well as on the anabolic forum:

Been browsing through all the info on clen and was wondering if anyone could give me some more specific dosage info.

Stats: 5'4", 145 lbs, recently lost approx 10 lbs over the past 8 weeks by dieting clean and cardio/weight training. Have gained good muscle mass but I need to lose another 10 or so.

I have clen syrup, at what appears to be the standard (1 mg = 0.025 mcgs) and don't want to run anything else. Have never really used anything else in the past besides a low dose of ephedrine and I am not using it now. Am also on the Pill as well as cholesterol meds. (Zocor) More concerned about any contraindications than anything else.

I want to run it for a short period of time and am looking for the least amount of sides. Any advice?
The dosage for woman usually ranges in the 80-100mcg per day range but I found that to be too high for me. I had really bad tremors, and felt sick a lot so I cut it down and I got good results. Now, I stay very lean all year round so I may not require as much as someone else might. I would suggest starting with 25mcg twice a day and see how you feel. Please don't forget to add Taurine, and potassium in there as extra supplementation. I would also suggest either two days on and two off or you can go every other day as well. You shouldn't need to stay on it all that long if you're only looking to lose ten pounds. Two to three weeks should be fine for you.
Just to let you know some of the sides linked with Clen are tremors, sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, sweats, and muscle cramping. If you take your extra potassium and magnesium in as well as the Taurine, you should be fine. The birth control pill should be fine but I'm unsure about the other, perhaps BuffDoc could help with that one.
Slayergurl, how much Clen were you taking a day?
Your meds shouldn't cause any problems w/ the clen, I think you're good to go.
Heed Fyre's advice on the dose; it's an individual thing. I personally don't do well higher than 120mcg; my wife never goes over 60mcg.
We go 2 wks on , 2 wks off, ourselves. Works well, and we take taurine and extra minerals, esp K and Mg, as Fyre suggested.
Knock 'em dead, GF!
Thanx to all of you - I feel like I can start with no worries now! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! :) I'll let you know how it goes!
P.S. I am going to try the 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off thing and see how that goes. I have Ultimate Nutrition's Taurine caps (1000 mgs) - they say to take 4-5 caps/2-3 times daily - is that standard in your opinion?
Actually, I think a gram a day is probably adequate for our purposes, although more isn't going to hurt you. I could be off on this, didn't look it up. Ladies?
I use the Taurine Powder rather than the caps. I take a teaspoon a day, I think that equals 5 grams. I prefer the powder of the capsules personally. Good luck with the Clen, let us know how you're doing okay?:)
Fyre said:
I use the Taurine Powder rather than the caps. I take a teaspoon a day, I think that equals 5 grams. I prefer the powder of the capsules personally. Good luck with the Clen, let us know how you're doing okay?:)

If I get really crampy on the clen, often I'll take 2 teaspoons a day. Just thought I'd throw that in. Have Fun!:D
okay, it's day two and I have to say it ain't too bad so far. Of course, I haven't had a "heavy" workout yet, so I don't know how it will affect my "performance" (ha ha!) Admittedly, I sort of like the speeded up feeling, but have had a headache all day today. Started with 0.5 ml, upped to 0.75, tomorrow will be 1 ml. No "crash" yet though and no problem falling asleep.

I do find that I am sweating when I sleep though - the husband and I sleep really close so that might be the problem, but it usually isn't. (Outside temp today is -3 degrees Celcius) I took a nap today and woke up drenched.

I am also STARVING!!!! Would eating a horse count as a "cheat"?????
I sweat too. And the headaches come and go, but tend to get better over time w/ me. They really haven't been as much of a problem as I thought they'd be.
I've never really got any bad headaches while on Clen but i have had nasty calf cramps. Once I upped the Taurine and potassium though I was fine. I found the sweating worse at night when I sleep and it was almost a cold sweat. But the end result is worth all the little sides!
do you all suggest tapering dosages or straight 25mcg 2x daily for two weeks then another two off?
Okay, I have a little bit of a problem - into day 7 of the clen, I all of a sudden broke out into hives!!!! Was prescribed Atarax for 6 days. The hives have cleared up now and I am on day 3 of the Atarax. I was wondering if I could have had a reaction to the clen? Or the taurine? And if not, can I go back on now? I stopped when I first got the hives, in case I was allergic!

Any insights???? Thanks!!!
The best way to tell, is to do one then the other. If you are using two new compounds then there is no way to tell which you are having a reation to without seperating them.