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So here is the deal. I want to do a cycle, but I am not sure that I ready yet, so I would like to help making up my mind.

I am 22, 5'8", and weight 152 at about 8 or 9% body fat.
The body fat is a rough estimate based on the I have abs, while still not ripped to the bone. I have been at the same height for years, so I am not concerned about stunting a last minute, mid-twenties growth sprint.

I have been training seriously for about 9 months, and occasionally I dabbled in lifting weights before that before that. I am at the gym 4-5 days a week. My routine is a based around the deadlift, squat, and bench, the variations of those, and lifts intended to assist the big three. I vary my rep ranges, but generally go heavy with no more than 6 reps in a set, and I work up to singles. Despite the low reps per set, the total volume is high.

I get about 3000 calories a day. I get plenty of protein, at about 300 grams ED, almost entirely from whey, as I am a vegetarian.

So..I take training seriously. I have been making consistent strength gains, but not much size. This bugs me, because I am impatient. I am young now, and I am looking forward to being young with some muscle on me. I understand that I am not going to get huge overnight, nor do I want to. At the same time, I am tempted to do a mild cycle to accelerate things.

I heard a lot about reaching one's natural limit before cycling when I began reading into steroids. At 152, I know I have quite a bit of size to go before I hit that point.

I am conflicted. Should I go for it? Is there a serious reason why I should wait?
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Yes, youre to small.
You need much more knowladge about food.
and how to put up a diet.
and training.
and sleep.

Also, really, if you in no way can eat meat etc, you wont get to be that big.
I would wait a while longer. youve only been training seriously for 9 months. you could still make impressive gains naturally since youre only 152lbs. the best reason to wait is so you can educate yourself about cycling, the pros vs. cons, how to set up a proper cycle so that gains can be kept and side effects can be avoided, how to train for specific goals, and how to diet properly. I hear so many times, (and myself included) about peoples first cycles and theyre terrible, and then they ask why didnt I keep my gains?, or, why didnt I get bigger? Learn the ropes, plan it all out right so that when you are ready, your first cycle will be really impressive, safe, and keepable.
Bast said:
Also, really, if you in no way can eat meat etc, you wont get to be that big.

Well being a carnivore myself, I agree to a certain extent, of course.

However, if he can get protein from eggs, soy, milk, and whey there's no reason he cannot build a fantastic physique. Lots of vegetarians have done such that...
forget the gear for now. get yourself a good trainer, they should be able to put about 20lbs on you in a few monthes
Anybody can gain on steroids but it takes alot more skill to hang onto those gains...some people end cycles and are shutdown for months/ they lose there sex drive /get irreversible gyno / get injured/ get infections / massive depression / ...the list goes on...

but when your diet is dialled in and you know what makes you grow you will walk away from your cycle stronger and bigger then ever...bodybuilding is about knowing what works for you, without the natty training it's just guess work.
Lots of vegetarians out there. I have a lot of respect for them - I have enough trouble getting in protein and I eat meat! I have no clue how they pull it off.
what you have is within reach but jst hold off a little ok keep pushin the 152 to 160 and up ok it seems like a long time my friend but it's not ..push push push...