Global Pharmaceuticals????


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Has anyone ever heard of this lab? I have a Sustanon (sust) 250 viale, cant get a pic up yet but heres some charicteristics...Labels are rounded at corner, hologram on box and lid of viale, label overlaps itself, exp date are printed on label and box in a different color(yellow), 1 major thing is the lot number on the viale does not match the lot number on the box...any suggestions, sorry if this post is a little lame just really curious about this stuff..any info would help greatly thanks guys
I use products from Global Anabolics. Something called T-mix 325 but dun know if it is the same as global pharmaceuticals.I think it is from taiwan or thailand.
mine's in english too.I have a testosterone blend from global anabolics. It's a 10ml vial with an aluminium cap.The Rubber bung is grooved within the bottle. It says on the label but the site is non existent i think.It is T-mix 325 globalanabolic company Ltd with a shiny green embelm the shape of the planet saturn with a red ring around the globe.

Oh yar, the oil is very thick. I take a whole minute to suck up 1 ml through a 24g needle.

My 2 cents. But it's awsome stuff. Testosterone acetate can u believe that?