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I usually wont ask hard to answer questions like this but, how much can i expect to gain from 500mg/wk of enanthate taken for ten weeks. i will consume 400 plus grams of protien and eat like crazy. i know there are other factors. the thing is, i weigh 250 already. and what do you guys think of tapering off for the last two weeks? please give me suggestions that can help me get the most out of this cycle. thanks

How long have you been training? How often per week do you train? What is your BF%? How tall are you? How many cycles have you taken previously?
damn i forgot how big this forum is. i dont know my body fat but look in the pic section. ive been training on and off for 6 years. ive trained twice in the last 2 months because of a car accident. i havent used since 2000 and that was some finaplex. ive also used enth, narandron 50 (took it buy itself and gained nothing). i tried AD (stopped after about a couple of weeks because of personal problems) and reforvit b for 5 days.

i didnt eat correctly on none my cycles except for the last (trenbolone 6 weeks). i think my longest cycle was 8 weeks of enth. sorry for the long post. i just wanted to hear some opinions and suggs.
hmmm. no suggestions or comments? ok, i start my cycle monday. ill keep everyone posted and post a pic or two in a few weeks.