Great Injecton Site (Thanks SC!!!)

good post. I only stick to the injection sites that I know are safe for me. One of my friends has problems developing his chest so he injects in his chest. Thats crazy. Thanks Stone and DRvee.......
Actually, it was the good doctor that found the site for me.

I had asked him if he ever heard of injecting in that area (VentroGluteal) as that was where I was taught by a RN when I first started getting Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and then he spent some time searching and found the site.

It is a great place IMO, I always read about guys having a hard time twisting around to do a glute shot, and this came to mind, but I could never find a site that explained it. I knew how to, but it is hard to explain without a good diagram.

So here you go........and a big "Thanks" to Drveejay.
I use it too. Easier access than gluteus maximus for sure. However, I've always found a 1 inch to more than suffice. Not painful.
That is a great site. SC, how do you find the injection site with the VentroGluteal injection if you are doing it by yourself?
On the schematic illustrated, it appears to be that way, however on the contrary, there is plenty of soft tissue that would support an IM injection.