Red/sore/hard injection site after Prop injection??

Still feel very shitty but the angry injection site is almost gone!

How long (I know this is prob case-dependant but ill ask anyway) before my body 'accepts' the prop?

Should be getting my Test E today so should I pin with both E and Prop for two weeks then drop the Prop?

Yea you could mix the test e and prop in the same syringe and that actually may help with the irritation to the injection site. Also idk if this has been said but u can also heat the vial under warm water and see if that helps.
Hey guys,

So I switched from Prop to E and i'm now exclusively running E with Var to come. Had no issues first week, then BOOM test flu is back, it died down after a day or so and it came back again last night and I haven't even pinned in 3 days. Only saving grace is with E there is little to no PIP.

I find this strange because I ran Test E on my first cycle for 12 weeks with no 'Test Flu'. It's pretty bad today and I'm due to pin again. I don't really understand - is it this particular brand that's causing me the issues? I'm running gear from BN Nutrition, I can't remember who it was from last time but it was a different brand?

I thought surely test was test? The only other component I'm running is Aromasin (12.5 ed) but I haven't read anything to suggest low estrogen causes Flu like symptoms and fever?

Is it possible to get no text Flu one cycle and then get it bad on another?

Would appreciate any help!

Everyone is different and just because one cycle you where good with a substance does not mean this time around you wont have issues. Dont worry....Unless the spot is pussing or your in dire position running a high temperature or something of the kind its just test flu and its up to u if u want to deal with the side effects.

Good Luck

I'll persevere for sure, as long as it goes away at some point, otherwise what good is gear if you can't train!

Just wanted to check every cycle has to be judged on its own merits!
i did a cycle of 100ml npp with test 300 and everything went good , after it was over i started another cycle of nandrolone with the leftover of my test 300 and after my first injection monday at noon , everything was ok until i woke up at midnight my shoulder where i did the injection was tended and on tuesday morning a red zone appeared on the lower part of my shoulder , wednesday i did another injection on the left shoulder that time and the same thing happened ... and my right arm is getting red on my bicep (looks like the red zone is getting bigger on my arm) the pain is going down a bit but my muscle is all red and irritate and still tended , we are now thursday ... this is the first time of my life i do steroids . is this a normal reaction or something is wrong ?
i can still go to the gym but my muscle where i injected my self is still hard , still hurts a bit when i push on it and still red , i changed my nandrolone , now its vitalipharma before it was some home made stuff, can it be a bad reaction to the new steroids cause my first cycle was all good , please give me your thoughts on it cause tomorow is another injection day and i'm not sure what to do