Great Read on T-3: How to lose Fat and Gain muscle ALL AT ONCE!


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I got this from Nandi (one smart bro!):

You can run 50mcg a day and with the steroids GAIN muscle not lose it, while at the same time burning fat. Below is a link to a study where they did just that. With all the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) you are taking compared to these test subjects, 75 mcg would probably work. I run 50 mcg during almost every cycle now since I read this study:

I think this has been posted here before, but the result is that when 50 mcg of T3 is taken with 200 mg of test/week, you lose fat and gain lean body mass, whereas if you take just the T3 you lose fat AND MUSCLE.
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This is my first time running T-3 and man this shit works. I've lost an inch on the waist in 2 weeks now.
Because I really starting noticing once I got up to 50mcg/ED. Although I'm sure it's a mixture of everything.