Growing thanks to the community!


Since we moved to a new server and upgraded the forum software, applied a new style and installed some cool new features .. the forum and its community has grown. We want to thank you for that.

The first quarter of 2003 is almost over, and here are some short statistics.

We currently have near 1,700 members, who made around 5,000 topics with more then 53,000 replies! From all those members, we have like a constant of 100 members continuesly online (at peak hours even more) and we get around 500 registered member visits per day (unique). Compared to other forums, this is a lot. And the site will not stop growing. (These online users do not even include the search engine bots or visiters / guests) The page views are just huge, and the site hits are huge times three. (Rough number: 16,000,000+ hits in 3 months)

As you can see, we thank you for checking out the site, enjoying the conversations and helping others, or asking questions, or just chit chat about anything. You help the site grow. And it will grow. I am not really involved with the things that go behind the scene, (I am just the webmaster) but I can take a peek from time to time. And the staff is working hard on optimizing the site, improving the forum - moderating topics and posts and users to keep things going smoothly. They are discussing new features or tweaking existing features, etc.. And many other stuff I probably shouldn't talk about. Just sit tight and enjoy the ride I'd say.

I am glad that I am a tad involved with the site as webmaster, and I see a joyfull bunch of staff members and some leaders who are motivated in getting things going here. We all get motivated by how we see this site grow - thanks to you all.


Best regards,

(and the rest of the staff)