gunter should not have won the gnc pro


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ya, he improved a lot that is true. but to beat ronnie coleman? no way!!!!! the judges must have bouhgt all the hype from the olympia or they may have been nudged to make a bold decision so that this years olypmpia is spiced up bigtime.

anyone else think the gnc pro show was a joke?!?!?!:confused:

I respectfully disagree with those of you who say he cleanly earned the victory. Ronnie looked better at the GNC Pro then he did at the Olympia. How does he a look a little better at this show yet lose to the guy he beat by 4 places when he was really "off" at the Mr. O?

Yes, Gunter made some massive improvements, I'll give him that, but Gunter won the GNC Pro based on pure hype. It definitely sets up the Olympia as a major money-maker but IMO Gunter "on" is still not a better bodybuilder then Coleman or Cormier when they are mediocre.
If you look at the side by side pics, Gunter was bigger and more cut. Ronnie is not a slouch, but I think he got topped in that contest.

If Gunter beat Colman it was at the O. Colman looked much better at the GNC and should have won that show. I believe Gunter should have place higher at the O than Colman maybe not winning but he definitely looked better than Colman.
BiggieSwolls said:
Thats not really a fair photo to base the whole show on. Lets see a back comparison and see who wins hands down.
agreed, ronnie has the best back ever but you can't base the whole show on his back, from the front he looks terrable.