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Hey ,
well i was on a 1-ad / 4-ad cycle for 5 weeks now and for the last 2 weeks ii took 900 mg /
i m facing gyno problem alredy i have just 5 days for my cycle to finish . Do u think i should slip in some clomid , if yes wht dossage ?
sure. Clomid will give you a mild anti-e effect. I would say pop it around 100mg a day. If your nips dont stop itching after 2 days up it another 50mgs. Better yet order some nolva or arimidex from one of these liquid research companies that everyone has in there signatures. It isnt expensive, and it will be the best 50 bucks you ever spent. Wouldnt you pay 50 bucks to prevent yourself from having gyno for the rest of your life?