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After reading Needsize's 5x5 post I got intrigued by High Intensity training and ordered a couple of Mike Mentzers books

1.High Intensity Training, the Mike Mentzer way

2. Heavy Duty II, mind & body

Has anybody here read these and if so what did you think?
How many guys here subscribe to the H.I.T. philosophy and use it or a variation of it?

Well, I do WSBC. Its the most intense program there is IMO. I guess you could say its a variation. HIT in a weight sense, and then HIT in a speed sense.
i like high intensity training, but for hypertrophy, i think volume has its place. Notice no top ten olympians train HIT, just a thought
I just couldn't get used to the idea of HIT. I have trained high volume for many years and it has done the trick for me so I can't talk myself into changing to a HIT typ program.