having a strong base: LEGS


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Unfortunately for the begging of my gym enthused life, I have always been the type of guy that focused on thick chest, wide back and large arms. I always neglected my legs. I have been training lega for about a year now solid, but always feel I may be over training them or just am improper approach to legs. Although everyone is different, I would love to hear how others train legs. How often? What exercises? How often does ur workout change? What is too much? I see some people do just squats, leg curls, leg extensions, and calf raises. Is that truly enough? Thanks guys!


I will probably get flack for this, but I just do Squats and Deadlifts. Sometimes leg curls and Glute Bridges. I play hockey too which always gives me a good leg workout.


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I've done everything from squat 3x per week to not squatting at all and only doing isolation exercises.

Anytime I push intensity and the weight gets high, I always end up with some nagging injury.

What I've settled on is legs once a week. I start with isolation exercises. Both quads and hams, to pre exhaust my legs. Then I'll leg press, only now I don't need to use as much weight. Then I'll do a few high rep sets of hacks squats or something to near failure to finish. It's worked great for me.


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I take a high rep approach to legs myself. I do incorporate pre-exhaustion techniques with legs too. Slow reps. Sometimes I'll just do 3-5 sets of 30+ reps of squats. Depends on how I feel. I'll throw hamstrings in on back day after deadlifts. I'll put calves in with chest or shoulder day. I set aside a day for just quads. If just doing squats, I'll do some hamstrings too.


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If i could train legs everyday I would. My damn CNS always stops me! Seriously though, I devote a day for quads and hams and split calves over two days. Squats, deads, leg presses are all favs. I can't say I like pulling the sled thingy, however.....seems to be the rage right now. That and walking lunges the length of the gym. Do they teach all trainers to teach everyone those two exercises or what?! :)