HCG help by tonight plZ!


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i had problems loading up slin pins on my previous 5000iu kit. heres what i did with my 2nd go with the other kit i had.

mixed the powder and solvent
attempted to load three 1.5ml syringes (i know i didnt have 1ml) using a blue pin. i have orange pins 5/8" in length which i replaced the blues with.

heres the problem: the dosing is inaccurate. i wanted to load three syringes (5000iu /3 roughly 1500iu each). However i wasted a little solution getting air out syringe and have ended up with what is potentially 1500iu in two syringes (witht he ornage pins 5/8"). one seems to have slightly more in though. i was thinking of a jab tonight and the final one on sunday.