HCG in middle of cycle?


Getting ripped
I'm going to run a cycle consisting of 400mg EQ/week for 10 weeks
and winstrol week 8-13 50mg EOD.

I'll be taking Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) 500ui/day the last 10days of my cycle with 20mg of nolva.

Do you think it will be necessary to, or even sufficient, to take 1000ui, two days like on thursday and saturday...(when I'll most probably need it :D ) in week 7??

Is it too little or might it help to avoid testicular atrophy or give my balls a bit of a boost, since my cycle will be lasting for 13 weeks?

Any comments?
In a heavy cycle I like to run 1000 ius for 10 days mid cycle. But even 2 days should help. I would go ahead and take some nolva with it, better safe than sorry.