Hello and a shoulder training question


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First off Hello to all - I am 6'5", 255lbs, 23 yo , w/about 5 years heavy training under my belt. I haven't done a cycle yet (Im still learning all the fundamentals) and I train on a 2 on 1 off cycle.

Ok so here is a qustion some one might can help me with:
When doing shoulder Db presses what works the delts better; to touch the dumbells at the top or just go straight up (like the touchdown signal)

Well Hello again and thanks
first off, welcome to Steroidology.

Secondly, to try and answer your question, Personally I do a variation of both if you can picture it. I dont touch the weights, but I dont just go straight up either like a touchdown signal.

As long as your motion is controlled, you should be able to pull that off. Im sure someone drum up some theory about how touching the weights is counter-productive but obviously there are times that my dumbells may touch each other. But it is not on purpose, it is just me doing the repetition in the most complete range of motion that I can. Just dont be like that one guy that is in every gym who smacks and clangs the dumbells together at the top of each rep so hard that he gets the looks from everybody through the mirror.

With dumbbell overheads, I always bring the bells up in a semi-circular motion, & touching them at the top...then sometimes I do W presses as well...