Help I Think I Got An Abses


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ok here the story goes im bd andropen and eq im hiding it from my gf so i preloaded 2 needles and had them sit for 2 days i forget wich one i shot in wich glute when i was shooting on the side that hurts now i took my hand of the needle to switch hands and the needle came out half way it did this 2 times a day later the site started swelling up and it got worse now its like 4 days later and its a lump the size of my palm red and i got a fever wich i think it actually a cold cuz everyone around me is sik too i was feeling shiity b4 i injected no i would rather self medicate because my health plan i through work and any doctors visit they would no about i the week before the injections didnt hurt at all they are bd wich is fairly concentrated anyone have any advice or know of any medicine a could take what do u think i got
sorry when i was injecting the needle 11/2 incher came out slightly like 3/4 of an inch so i pushed it back in im wondering if the oil is not intermuscular and thats whats causing the problem or infection cuz i preloaded the needle a few days in advance or is it scar tissue because i had to push it in a few times? and if its an infection what meds should i take and how many
Jesus bud....listen to Stone...try some punctuation.

3/4 of an inch will get through most folks fat and into the muscle. Unless you are pretty tubby, it should have hit the muscle. It is not deep in the muscle though, and you will end up with a knot there for a while.

I'm not messing with you, but I can't follow your typing, so I don't know what's going on with your problem.

I will say that preloading pins for more than about two days in advance ends up giving me much more pain than normal.

I would recommend doing nothing in the way of antibiotics at this point. It's things like that which lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Use a heating pad on it and massage the area. Alternate with some ice. Take 800mg of ibuprofin.
if you're worried about abscess the prescription they will most likely give you, like i stated in a lot of other abscess threads is APO-CEPHALEX 500mg..
but i wouldn't worry about it bro doesn't sound like you have anything