Help needed with Lab work, Hypogonadism and Hypothyroidism


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Hello everyone,

This is my first post on the forum.

I have been skimming the ***** forum for quite some time, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching , reading member's posts and gaining as much knowledge as I can.
Here are some statistics about me :
Age: 28 Years
Weight : 192.1 lbs
Height : 6ft1
Years Training : 7
Total Cycles : 4
Compounds used : Testosterone Cyptionate, Tesosterone Propianate & Anavar.

I would also like to add that I never did any sort of PCT for my first 3 cycles due to my lack of knowledge and recklessness. This could possibly have damaged my HPTA.

From January 2017 to May 2017 I was self injecting a TRT dose of 250mg/week for Test Cypionate.

Blood work done on 5.3.2017 Shows the follwing results:
Total T: 1026 ref range: 250 -1100 ng/dL
Free T: 206.5 ref range: 35 ***8211; 155.0 pg/mL
E2: 27 ref range: <OR= 29 pg/mL
SHGB: 30 nmol ref range: 10-50 nmol/L
LH: <0.2 L ref range : 1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
FSH: < 0.7 L ref range :1.6-8.0 miU/mL
TSH : 1.69 ref range: 0.4 ***8211; 4.5 mIU/L
T3f: 4.0 ref range : 2.3-4.2 pg/mL
T4f: 1.5 ref range : 0.8-1.8 ng/dL

After the Results I took HCG @ 1500 iu for 10 injections total Every other day. While on the HCG, I felt better than when I was on cycle. My mood, my skin, my sleep , was probably the best it had ever been. About a month later I got some more blood work done:
7.6.2017 Blood Work
Total T: 150 ref range : 250 -1100 ng/dL
Free T: 20.1 L ref range: 35 ***8211; 155.0 pg/mL
E2: 10 ref range: 7-50 pg/mL
FSH: 1.6 ref range: 1.5 ***8211; 12.4 mIU/mL
LH: 1.2 ref range: 1.7 ***8211; 8.6 mIU/mL

Because my T levelsw were so low I decided to do a cycle of Test propionate @ 500mg/week for 6 weeks. First injection was 7.16.2017 and last injection was 8.30.2017.
Exactly 12 days after my last injection I got more blood work done on 9.12.2017 with the following values:
9.12.2017 blood work
Total T: 164 ref range: 250 -1100 ng/dL
Free T: 26.2 ref range: 35 ***8211; 155.0 pg/mL
E2: <5 ref range: 7-50 pg/mL
FSH: 2.1 ref range: 1.5 ***8211; 12.4 mIU/mL
LH: 3.9 ref range: 1.7 ***8211; 8.6 mIU/mL

The following day I began my PCT , which consisted of 1000 IU***8217;s of HCG EOD for 3 days, then I started my SERMS which consisted of : Clomid & Nolvadex at the following doses:
Clomid: Week 1 50mg/day ; Week 2; 50mg;day ; Week 3: 25mg day
Nolvadex Week 1 : 40mg/day ; Week 2 : 40mg day ; Week 3: 20 mg /day.
I got more blood work done on 10.12.2017 with the following results:
Total T: 336 ref range: 250 -1100 ng/dL
Free T: 68.426.2 ref range: 35 ***8211; 155.0 pg/mL
FSH: 4.0 ref range: 1.5 ***8211; 12.4 mIU/mL
LH: 6.3 ref range: 1.7 ***8211; 8.6 mIU/mL
TSH: 3.64 ref range: 0.45- 4.50 mU/L
T3f: 3.4 ref range 2.0 ***8211; 4.8 pg / mL
T4f: 1.2 ref range 0.8 ***8211; 1.7 ng/dL

My TSH levels show hypothyroidism. I have never supplemented with iodine and never really cared of that much salt in my food. Could this be due to a Selenium deficiency?
A.M Body Temperature this morning: 96.5 degree

Despite having done this PCT I am experiencing the following
1- Feeling sluggish and tired all the time
2- No Libido Whatsoever, cannot maintain erection & never wake up with morning wood
3- Depression - Feeling of hopelessness
4- Increased Sensitivy to Cold
5- Face is almost always dry when I wake up
6- Low motivation, can barely get myself to workout or do anything

How can I find out if I am primary or secondary Hypogondigal ? Considering Taking Small doses of HCG for a month and retesting Total T, Free T, FSH and LH to see if I am primary or secondary.
I also have Hypothyroidism based off of my last TSH lab results. What could this be due to ?
I***8217;m not sure when my next move is. I do feel quite stupid for having messed with my hormones with the supervision of a professional. I did see an Endoctrologist who confused me. He advised against taking Iodine , no clue why.

As of now I am considering the follwing options

Option 1 - Attempt HPTA Restart with Power PCT & Supplement Daily with Selenium and Iodine to treat Hypothyroidism. Take HCG for a month and get lab work done afterwards. Based off of results I will then know if I am primary or secondary.
If primary, I will go TRT.

Is 27 years old too young to begin TRT ?

If secondary then I will most likely go for Option 2 - HCG Monotherapy.

Has anyone on this forum had success with HCG monotherapy in the long run ?
I felt much better when I was taking it.

Any input would be highly appreciated.
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It would be best for you to contact a trt doc to get this done correctly. checkout my signature and fill out the contact form and the doc will be right with you, good luck!


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You crashed your system with the cycle then didn't do a proper PCT, then smashed it, didn't PCT, smashed it again, didn't run the PCT right. Your system is in chaos. Thats 6 months of cycles and hCG right?

Like Casanovaaa said you need to click on a sponsor. I'm with IncreasemyT. Both have plenty of happy customers posting on here.

You may be able to actually restart your system with proper drugs and doses but you've beat yours down hard. I hope you don't need TRT.

If you could go into thread and comment this to people thinking of starting with a lot of us saying wait there are risks it would help us swerve others from making mistakes.

I hope you hook up with a sponsor and you can do a real restart and get off stuff for a while. TRY is good if you need it but you are still trapped on medication. If I can't buy my next round I crash. I have to afford my treatment. It's find the cash or feel like you feel now for the rest of my life.


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From what I can glean from your post you didn't PCT after your Jan to May cycle, although you did do a decent amount of HCG. Then you did another mini cycle from July to end August with prop, but didn't start your PCT for almost two weeks, even though you had the shortest ester. On this second go around you didn't take nearly enough HCG, but you did have the clomid and nolva.

So basically you yo-yo'd your test levels for 8-1/2 months, didn't follow up with a long run of HCG, then did a pretty minimal PCT in terms of dosages of clomid & nolva. Good news is that got you LH and FSH back in range, bad news your test levels suck. That points the concern at your testicles, and the fix for that is a long run of HCG at decent dosages. I'd also want to see what happens to your LH and FSH levels after you are off the SERMS for some time, to get another clue about primary vs. secondary.

It looks to me like your thyroid started perfectly normal on May 3, then the last test TSH was elevated but all three were still in range. What makes you think that is hypothyroid? TSH is slightly on the high side, but T3 and T4 are mid to upper range, so I just don't see an issue there.

Seems to me like you need to do that power PCT protocol, and go for longer and higher doses on the HCG - then do the clomid & nolva. At your age you should bounce back.

Make sure you are taking vitamin D, K, zinc, and omega 3 while you are trying all this.