hey m sharing my workout routine

Will Gary

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i recently started weight lifting. so i would like to share my workout routine. plz correct if i am doing wrong.

Monday is chest and shoulders
Tuesday is Legs
Wednesday is arm
Thursday is back
Fri i do cardio
Saturday and sunday is rest day.

Is this split right?
Welcome to the site. The workout looks ok but we need to know how many reps your doing etc. whats your diet like?
Is this split right?
Only you can answer that! It's a personal thing. It's subjective. It's a science.

What works well for YOU, might not work for others.

Lot's of experimentation and trial and error is in order.

If you stick with lifting for a long time you'll have tried many different splits, combinations, rep ranges, intensities, etc.

When you find something you like, don't be afraid to try something else.

I tend to change my routine every 4-6 weeks.

I also don't like to have set days like Monday is this, Tuesday is that, etc. Instead, I go by workout 1, workout 2, workout 3, and workout 4. And the frequency varies. It depends on how I feel. I might hit the same muscle group every 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th day. Depends on the volume / intensity / recovery.

For the routine you mentioned, I might do this:

Monday is chest and shoulders cardio
Tuesday is back cardio
Wednesday rest
Thursday arms cardio
Fri legs cardio
Saturday and Sunday is rest day.
no its not fine, how do you keep track of anything then if you dont log your reps how will you track your progress??
my mantra is that i never track progress, i keep doing the set unless i ran out of strength.
its exhausting but i get good results.
my mantra is that i never track progress, i keep doing the set unless i ran out of strength.
its exhausting but i get good results.

try to keep track of your reps and in order, and log your workouts. its the best way to go my friend.
i never count reps. i do 3 sets of maximum number of reps.... so i guess its fine right?

No that's not fine
Your mantra is to never track progress ? Then how will you know your moving forward ?
You are only just starting to work out why do you think you know best when you start a new job as a newb you don't go into the place chopping and changing things you go listen learn and find out the correct way to do things and in a few years your trade qualified and then when you know what your doing you can tweak things Change stuff up ect
Basically learn the basics first 6 sets 8 reps heavy as you can with good form then last set drop weight by half rep until failure just do something simple like this for all lifts until you are more experienced goidluck
Welcome to the board :wavey: Listen much for you to lean and you have come to the best forum to learn and want to help. Many long time experts with experience and book knowledge .

Wrong mantra. Need to track weight even without log. Doing what weight yields you 8-12 and that is failure. Then increase weight trying to do same rep range to failure but should not be able to get there. You must be reaching failure at 8,-12 reps. 12 then 10 - 8 then 6-8 all failure.

What are your stats.
and history. How long lifting ?