HGH dosing to bounce back from injury/surgery


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I've been injury for this year and 3 weeks ago had surgery to reattach an athletic pubalgia. I've tried to go for a simple walk in the last few days and it's been horrible. I've been on a therapeutic dose of HGH for the last 5years of a little bit more than .5 ius (.20). I've been off of the HGH for 6 months. I now have 6-5mg boxes of Genotropin and my new script is for the 12mg box each month. Seeing what you guys think about using 1.5-2 ius a day. I was also thinking about maybe taking every other day too. I've noticed , for some reason, I always felt better 2 days after without taking an injection. I'm just trying to heal myself so I can get back to working out. I currently weigh 252lbs and 6'1. Body fat is around 21%. And yes, the HGH is real, i have CVS ship it to my house every month. Appreciate any input.