HIV+ 31 Years & Potential Cycle? Pls Help


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Hey Guys!

I'm a male 31 years old and HIV Poz. I'm naturally a slim person I'm 5'6 and 145lb - In the 4 past years I've been working out hard before I was 110lb, so for me to gain weight & muscular mass it's really hard.

Two years ago I had my first cycle of Oxadrolone, and Testoterone and QSP crem once and didn't work much. Given my current health status (even I'm healthy person) I want to do a more strong cycle and be able to train more hard and gain some muscle, especially chest which is the hardest to me same as loose belly fat.

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I really want to do something because my autoestime is not the best due my health issue and I really want to work out hard but I feel I need to start with a cycle because can't make bug improvements only with gym.

I heard from someone to do:

Test E and NPP to start
Then go off NPP after 3 weeks
Test E for 3 weeks
The Masteron and Test E for the last 3 weeks
WInniy tabs

Your help is REALLY appreciated and I'd love to share my story every week after the cycle!


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from the looks of your body in these pics you have not lifted any weights or trained. you need to focus on that first before anything.
once you build some natural body mass then you can think about using aas. work on your diet for sure as well. what where your gains in your last cycle? did you work out at all during it??
what meds are you taking for HIV?


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Yep, take your body to its natural limits before you cycle. You need a good foundation to build on. Research diet and train with basic movements like bench, deadlift and squat.


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Hi Appleton111 and Manski:

Thanks for getting back to me. SO yeah, even in the pictures show no muscle mass i was probably 30% more skinny and no muscle at all. So I've been training hard but I don't really see much results. I have resistance doing my exercises at gym but I don't really see much progress.

I'm working with a personal trainer (even they keep saying I have a good foundation) just that it's hard naturally to gain muscle. It's been long time with no much progress with good balance diet.

THat's the reason I am decide to start a cycle a more agresive cycle and work out more with my trainer!

In the last cycle I felt I gain just a bit of mass but not much, perhaps more resistance too and I worked out hard too.

I'm taking Triumeq.

Thanks so much guys for your advise and willing to help me!

Dan from New York!