How is TJ looking?


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Firstly i apologize if this thread breaks any rules.
Just asking if anyone has been to Tj as of late and any news as to whats going on down there with the Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) market would be appreciated.

Been down there a few times in the past few months. Saw a lot of hgh and decca. Would NOT trust it, did not look like any manufactures that I knew of. Saw a bunch of vet. test, again looked like it was made in a bathtub. However I did see and buy some Testoprim-d 200mgs of E and 50mgs of P per vial. A box is about 20 bucks and it comes with 3 vials and pins. This gear is everywhere and mass produced so at least you feel like it's more legit than the rest of the stuff. It hurts like hell and painfull injection sites but I was able to get a decent gain. I would not run this stuff again. And of course Tamoxfen and clomid is available.

Just remember It's a class 3 felony if you get caught crossing the border with this shit. I would rather get it in the mail.

But hey hookers are 20 bucks a pop! And all the penicilin you need is right there! lol