How long to bulk for?


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Hi everyone - i am bulking now and i plan on bulking for around 12 weeks and then cutting for around 10 weeks as this will bring me upto my holiday in August.

Is bulking for 12 weeks good? My diet is good and you guys here have helped with the routine so all should be good - but i was speaking to someone earlier who said bulking for 12 weeks is pretty pointless. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I dis-agreed and said that whilst i probably cant add that much mass in 12 weeks - im sure i can add some decent mass and make it so it isnt a pointless exercise.

Would you guys agree?

figure .5 - 1 pound of lean weight gained per week assuming a non-retarded training split and sufficient calories, youre looking at 6-12 pounds of lean weight, probably closer to 6.

I wouldnt say its pointless.