How Long?


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Hey bros

How long do you have to wait before you get your gear from a domestic delivery?

I've done a ton of souce checks that have all been ok. But I've been waiting 3 days now and I've had no e-mail confirmation, I sent it next day guarantee.

I'm getting a little worried.

Thanks, Jock


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1 week for a good domestic, 2 max, if it goes to two weeks, that means they dont have stock on hand, IMO not a good domestic.


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I have waited up to a month before. It al;l depends if your source has it in stock, if he is a re-mailer, personal problems, etc. Many things can happen, the mail isn't always so reliable either. He may be very busy, some sources do A LOT of business. One of my guys usually takes around a week to reply to my e-mails. If it is your first time ordering from this guy I just hope you were smart and didn't send more then you could afford to lose.

Brock Landers

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Dont worry bro. Things are really held up right now. I'm still waiting for a domestic order to be shipped that I sent funds for on March 24. Some get orders internationally, and we all know how slow that has been lately.