** How many of you inject in your lats? **


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To all,

I am always trying to get the most time out between site injections so I may reduce the risk of scar tissue as well as abcess. But DAMN!!, Lat injections are a bitch. I mean I only did it 4 time succesfully, the other times I dunno what happens because I HAVE to look in a mirror just to get some guidance when injecting, but for some reason the pin always seems to start pulling out while Im injecting, maybe its because of me looking at it through a mirror? I dont think I will be doing lat injects for awhile, anyone else go throught this?

A friend of mine did a lat injection and said it made it very painful to even lift his arms. He didn't do it again.
bigdelt69 said:
I meant trap injections

I have,

It was a bitch and a half and was scary as hell, plus I could'nt aspirate as welll, oh god I think I also hit like two nerves on the way in...

I have done lats injections before. DO NOT USE PROP!!!!!! I used tren a couple times, no pain, just felt akward, with prop, I think I damn near cried the next day.
I'm looking at that pic and I don't see the guy's lats. When I said my friend injected into his lats he could actually SEE that he was injecting into his lats. Being big helps.
i've done a trap inject with prop. that was the worst experience ive ever had. My trap was red and swollen for like 3 or 4 days. I had to sleep on my back cause the pain was too unbearable to sleep on my side.
i'll never do a trap injection again. plus there's too many nerves there anyway
I would be afraid of not having complete control and bending/breaking pin after jerking. My luck I would hit my ribs...lol
Injected lats w/ Sustanon (sust) and it hurt like a mf. Used Winstrol (winny) and everything was AOK. It's a good idea to rotate and use diff. inj. sites.