How many people experience test prop bloat?


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im currently on 100 mgs test prop ED and 1 Omna a week but i am like bloated in my stomach alot. its strange but its liek all concentrated in my stomach. its liek distended and stuff. i just started on liquidex at .5 mgs ed but it hasent helped yet only been 3 days. do u guys have any idea for me. i was able to see my weight going down but now it seems like im carrying an extra 5-7 lbs of water on any given day its strange. i also havent changed my diet im eating 0 carbs, maybe i should shock myself and eat lots of carbs for a day ?

well imhearing that

right about now. i thinki should probably get some letro or something. bloat and cutting cycles dont mix well.

I don't think it's the prop bro. Shorter esters have short release which means shorter aromatization which means less estrogen. I think for the dose you're using letro may be a little over the top. You will lose your sex drive completely by the 3rd week.
Raise your arimidex to 1mg/day.
What does your diet look like?
thanks drveejay

yeah ulter my diet is really right on, carbs are lower than 20 grams on any given day i stick to the same diet all week long, protein is 280-300grams and fat is 80-100 grams from 92% lean beef and olive oil, natural peanutbutter and cla and flax. salt intake is also low. its weird cause it seems ot be only in my stomach not really my face that much. its just discouraging to me while dieting and doing insane cardio.

If it's that good then you should consider some other things that can make your stomach distended. Make sure you're not allergic to anything your eating, that can cause your stomach to bloat.
If it's not in your face then it's not the test. So you have to look for something else.
I was getting in good shape but after I would eat it looked like I was fat. I mean it would be out there. Abs visible and all, but like I swallowed a f###ing basketball. It felt as if I couldn't even suck it in if I tried my hardest. I'm almost 2 weeks off the prop so I'll be able to tell if it was the prop or if I'm getting fat!
humm i wonder

if maybe it is something im eating but nothing is outfo the ordinary maybe its a supplement or something too. i never thought of it possibly being an allergy. although it could be the bunk liquid t3 im taking maybe that is it. it kinda has been happening sinc ei been taking it and it definatly 100% is not t3 at all. id liek to know what the hell it is if anything.

I will be taking prop

for 10 wks at 100mg ed and dont figure on any bloat,taggin along behind mr. prop is EQ/fina.I am also taking 50mg clomid along with 25mg L-dex eod.I'm only in my 3 wk and just started fina/prop this wk.
But I am expecting to drop from 10% to 7%bf and stay around 230lbs
on this cherry bomb...
If anything bro,bump up Arimidex.How long is your cycle?
yeah I also had a little prop bloat and I was using it with Winstrol (winny) too! I wasn't using too much though...100mg eod and 25mg Winstrol (winny) ed