How much does liquidex help on a cutting cycle???


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How much does the addition of liquidex help on a cutting cycle????

I have Winstrol (winny) 50mg/ed, Xenadrine, NYC, and Yohimburn. would the addition of liquidex help in the addition with these supps in getting rid of stubborn fat?? (besides diet, training and cardio.)

Personally Im a big fan of liquidex/arimidex being used during cutting cycles. Gets rid of some water you might not be able to shed naturally and IMO it helps me get rid of some estrogen based fatty deposits faster.

I know Chris250, a national competitor that posts here, is a big fan of arimidex during cutters as well.
awesome, that sounds like good news, it seems like estrogen fat deposits are my only problem right now, a little tit fat, and some love handle fat, so i think its worth a try.

Thanks for the help.

how much do u think

you should take to increase the ability of your body to target the estrogenic fat deposits. cause i have like 1/4bottle of the original left and i figure might as well use it up on this cutting cycle. shoudl it be like 1mg ed or more?

Right now Im using 0.5 mg ed of liquidex as per Chris250's instructions. He also suggests upping that amount to 1 mg ed as you get near the end of your diet or when you are closing in on doing a show.
I hate to be the partry pooper, but once your estrogen levels have dropped down from your aromatizables, then using an anti-aromatase after that will not shed more water (which is only put on when estrogen levels are elevated). You also lose water once the androgens have dissipated, as sodium retention at the kidneys is reduced. Furthermore, driving estrogens below physiological range further damages your recovering Lipid Profile.